Siliconcoach update

New features for both Pro8 and Live.

Getting data out of our software has been a request from many of our customers. We are now pleased to have a solution ready and available for both Siliconcoach Pro8 and Siliconcoach Live.

Siliconcoach Pro8.2

The latest version of Siliconcoach Pro8 is now available, click here to download the latest version (Pro8.2). 

In this version, we have included a data recorder, that records every measurement you make in a log that can be reviewed at any time and exported for further analysis in Excel.

Also in Pro8.2

  • Added support for high-resolution displays.
  • We have improved how Pro8 handles large numbers of video thumbnails quickly and more efficiently
  • Made other performance enhancements and fixed bugs.

Siliconcoach Live

'Digitiser' is now available in Siliconcoach Live. Digitiser was an original product of Siliconcoach, which has now been re-engineered to work in Siliconcoach Live.  

Digitiser is a simple two-dimensional tool for studying specific actions,  x,y coordinate data and time can be recorded and exported for further analysis in excel. 

To add Digitiser as an option in your Siliconcoach Live, please contact us.

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