Pro8 Special announcement - Siliconcoach Live to come with Pro8

We're proud to announce

Siliconcoach Live to come with Pro8 

We believe in providing the right tools to help our clients see real performance improvements. That’s why we’re proud to announce Siliconcoach Live will be included with any purchase of Pro8.

The Perfect Partnership

Capture and analyse in Pro, share and access anywhere with Live.

Live is an online video analysis tool that allows for easy sharing of video feedback. On-field training tips can be solidified to ensure your athletes retain your feedback - making the next training session even more productive.

From now, every purchase of a Siliconcoach Live Zone or Siliconcoach Pro7 will be upgraded to the Pro8 & Live package with a Zone and 20 users when it is released later this year. Terms and conditions apply.