Pro8 Pricing: Here are the Details

We know some of you have been waiting with bated breath for the unveiling of Pro8's pricing structure, so here are the details:

The Siliconcoach Pro8 package is going to be available on an annual subscription, at a list price of just $500* a year. An upgrade deal for Pro7 customers will be announced soon. 

Because we’ll be selling our product to you on annual basis, we'll be committed to providing you with even greater service. This means more updates and more opportunities for you to give feedback on Pro8; leading to ongoing improvements so you can continue to get the best performance out of your athletes.

Regular Improvements 
We’ll be committed to ensuring Pro8 is improved and updated regularly, with better tools for game and technique analysis.

Customer Driven 
The subscription model puts you in the driver's seat. What do you want to see next? We're committed to maintaining our relationship with you.

Improved Performance 
As we update thanks to your advice, your coaching will continually benefit from cutting-edge technology. 

As for those purchasing either Siliconcoach Pro7 or Siliconcoach Live between now and the release date, we'll upgrade you to the Pro8 package for the remainder of your annual subscription at no charge. 

Siliconcoach Pro8 has a range of new features being announced regularly, including: 

We're excited about what the new Pro8 can do for you, so we'll continue to keep you updated with more details as soon as we can. For the latest updates and information on Pro8 check out the FAQ page, keep following our news right here, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

*Terms and conditions apply, excludes any local taxes that may need to be collected.