Pro8 completely re-designed

We listened to your feedback, so we know you'll love to hear about the most recently unveiled information about Siliconcoach Pro8: A dramatically improved interface and workflow.

We've made the capture and analysis process much faster and simpler, thereby minimising disruption to coaching, and accelerating performance improvements.

Drag and drop simplicity

Simply drag and drop the video you want to analyse into your workspace. Get in quicker to analyse and provide feedback faster.

Logical work flow

With just two principal modes to choose from, Siliconcoach Pro8 is even easier to navigate than its predecessors. Capture or Analysis: Simple.

Improved aesthetic

Pro8's new workflow is not only easier and more intuitive, it looks better when you present to your athletes.

Flexible, dynamic analysis

Change your analysis seamlessly without starting over. Dual screen proportion sliders allow independent adjustment of video size.