New Zealand Coach: Siliconcoach increasing discussion and understanding

Jim Dickin, a New Zealand P.E. teacher and coach, wrote about what he's excited for with the impending arrival of Siliconcoach Pro8 in New Zealand Coach this week. In particular, he covered its relation to a Guided Discovery Approach to coaching, and how involving your athletes in the analysis and review process can lead to deeper understanding and learning of skills.


The upcoming release of Siliconcoach Pro8 is getting closer each day, and this week New Zealand Coach (one of Sport New Zealand's periodic publications) released a piece on Pro8 by a local P.E. teacher and sports coach. Jim Dickin praised the incorporation of the online discussion function of Siliconcoach Live, and in particular its relation to a Guided Discovery Approach to coaching:

"Athletes and coaches can then contribute to an online discussion around this analysis... a video is being used as the basis for discussion and can be massively valuable. It is often easier to illustrate to players your frustration as a coach by this use of video, this will give your athletes a new appreciation of the game and in particular a view through your lens. It also fits really well with the NZ coach approach as players can make their own analysis in a process of guided discovery instead of the coach being the all knowing oracle!"

The time delay feature which some of you may recognise from TimeWarp also received attention:

"Previously this was a separate feature but it is now incorporated into the programme. This gives you the ability to delay a video feed for a specified amount of time meaning an athlete can perform a skill and then come and review that skill alongside you. This gives you the ability to commentate on the skill with your athlete alongside you and can be a very powerful coaching tool." 

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