Clearer Video Capture with Siliconcoach Pro8

Technology has come a long way, with the modern computer more readily able to handle high-definition video, and with more cameras able to capture HD recordings - now, Siliconcoach Pro8 will reflect that. 

NEW - HD Video Capture (Single and Dual)* 
Capture HD video 'live' from your video camera and give feedback as soon as you stop capturing. 

NEW - Capture layout options 
Multiple capture layout options make video management easier and more flexible. 

NEW - Time shifting
Set a delay to the video stream so you can watch the replay. Ideal for instant feedback. 

Import SD and HD video 
Import over 100 different video formats. Import HD video and retain the dimensions for even greater analytical precision. 

We're excited about what the new Pro8 can do for you, so we'll continue to keep you updated with more details as soon as we can. For the latest updates and information on Pro8 check out the FAQ page, keep following our news right here, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.