Siliconcoach update

New features for both Pro8 and Live.

Getting data out of our software has been a request from many of our customers. We are now pleased to have a solution ready and available for both Siliconcoach Pro8 and Siliconcoach Live.

Siliconcoach Pro8.2

The latest version of Siliconcoach Pro8 is now available, click here to download the latest version (Pro8.2). 

In this version, we have included a data recorder, that records every measurement you make in a log that can be reviewed at any time and exported for further analysis in Excel.

Also in Pro8.2

  • Added support for high-resolution displays.
  • We have improved how Pro8 handles large numbers of video thumbnails quickly and more efficiently
  • Made other performance enhancements and fixed bugs.

Siliconcoach Live

'Digitiser' is now available in Siliconcoach Live. Digitiser was an original product of Siliconcoach, which has now been re-engineered to work in Siliconcoach Live.  

Digitiser is a simple two-dimensional tool for studying specific actions,  x,y coordinate data and time can be recorded and exported for further analysis in excel. 

To add Digitiser as an option in your Siliconcoach Live, please contact us.

Siliconcoach Pro8: Available Now

Welcome to the future of Video Analysis. 

Introduce the latest and greatest in video analysis technology into your coaching toolkit to start seeing even greater results. 

Pro8 delivers the best quality video, with the most flexible layouts and an intuitive workflow to give you the best tools to make accurate judgements. 

Siliconcoach Pro8 has a range of new features and is available for just $500* a year.

Check out just some of Siliconcoach Pro8's features in these updates:

*Price includes SC Live 20 user Zone, terms and conditions apply, excludes any local taxes that may need to be collected.

Pro8 completely re-designed

We listened to your feedback, so we know you'll love to hear about the most recently unveiled information about Siliconcoach Pro8: A dramatically improved interface and workflow.

We've made the capture and analysis process much faster and simpler, thereby minimising disruption to coaching, and accelerating performance improvements.

Drag and drop simplicity

Simply drag and drop the video you want to analyse into your workspace. Get in quicker to analyse and provide feedback faster.

Logical work flow

With just two principal modes to choose from, Siliconcoach Pro8 is even easier to navigate than its predecessors. Capture or Analysis: Simple.

Improved aesthetic

Pro8's new workflow is not only easier and more intuitive, it looks better when you present to your athletes.

Flexible, dynamic analysis

Change your analysis seamlessly without starting over. Dual screen proportion sliders allow independent adjustment of video size.

Better Quality Video: Camera to Computer Connection

We’re often asked how to get better quality video footage. As we know, better quality video means more powerful analysis, so we understand why our users are so eager to find out! 

Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you get the basics right to make the most of whatever camera you have. 

Camera to Computer Connection 

The way consumers (as opposed to TV broadcasters) have been able to capture live video has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Once upon a time, it was all analog- then came the digital revolution and Firewire was the technology of choice. Firewire cameras (usually called Mini DV) faded away about 5 years ago and left a technology hole for a few years, but now computers, capture devices, cameras and TV’s are all supporting HDMI. This, combined with a sharp fall in prices and better computers for your dollar, has led to HDMI becoming the technology of choice for consumers wanting HD video capture. 

Pro8 Special announcement - Siliconcoach Live to come with Pro8

We're proud to announce

Siliconcoach Live to come with Pro8 

We believe in providing the right tools to help our clients see real performance improvements. That’s why we’re proud to announce Siliconcoach Live will be included with any purchase of Pro8.

The Perfect Partnership

Capture and analyse in Pro, share and access anywhere with Live.

Live is an online video analysis tool that allows for easy sharing of video feedback. On-field training tips can be solidified to ensure your athletes retain your feedback - making the next training session even more productive.

From now, every purchase of a Siliconcoach Live Zone or Siliconcoach Pro7 will be upgraded to the Pro8 & Live package with a Zone and 20 users when it is released later this year. Terms and conditions apply.


Shin Pain and Siliconcoach

Image credit: 

Every runner shudders when they hear those two fateful words: "shin splints." But what does shin splints actually mean?

As Jonny McKee writes, "Shin splints,” or medial tibial stress syndrome, refers to pain and tenderness along the inner edge of the lower tibia (shin). It is not a diagnosis but a collection of symptoms..." 

So how can Siliconcoach help with shin splints? 

Habit Health and Fitness uses Siliconcoach for running assessments in order to identify each athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and technique faults in order to create a personalised intervention to ensure shin pain is a thing of the past. 

To read about running injuries and getting that extra edge, read McKee's full article here.